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Star Wars: Rogue Leader
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FAQ's and Walkthoughs

What is Rogue Leader?

Rogue Leader is a game for the Nintendo Gamecube where you fill the role of Luke Skywalker or Wedge Antilles and perform certain missions in small aircrafts.

Does Rogue Leader follow the Star Wars storyline?

Yes it does. It covers both attacks on the Death Star's and the Battle of Hoth, along with other missions.

How do you unlock bonus missions?

You unlock bonus missions by getting medals on other missions and accumulating enough points to open a bonus mission.

What is Targeting Computer Efficiency?

A percentage number that reflects how often you relied on the targeting computer for help. The more you use your targeting computer, both in terms of frequency nad duration, the lower your efficiency.


I will add walkthroughs to this site as I get gold medals on them. Currently, I only have one, but I am close to improving that to 3. I will also put in suggestions from other people if you e-mail me.

Razor Rendezvous

To get a gold on this mission, I stuck with the B-wing. Immediatly tell your wingmen to flee. When you start, fly straight and lock on and kill 4 TIE's using proton torpedeos. When across the front of the Star Destroyer, turn left and blast at the left shield generator. Fire no more than 4 torpedoes at it and kill it with your lasers. Close your S-foils and fly around to the back. Make a sharp turn and kill the other one using 4 torps and lasers, and then kill yourself as fast as possible. When you restart, head down and left a little bit. Fire as many torpedoes 10 torpedoes at the generator at most. I don't think it takes more than that though. Close your S-foils get around to the front of the Star Destroyer, nail two TIE fighters with torps, and then close your S-foils and ram yourself into the control deck.

Time: 1:19
Kills: 10
Accuracy: 60%
Friendlies Lost: 1
Lives Lost: 1
Targeting Computer Efficiency: 85%