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Star Wars: Rogue Leader


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The Secrets and Codes of Rogue Leader

Secret Ships

Play as Naboo Starfighter:
Beat Tatooine Training mission on all 4 times, dawn, day, dusk, night, by completing both races twice, finding all discovery items, and all bonus items. You also have to beat all 10 normal missions.

Play as TIE Fighter:
Steal the TIE fighter and complete Imperial Academy Heist at both night and day.

Play as Millenium Falcon:
Get a bronze medal in 10 missions.

Play as Slave 1:
Get 10 silver medals on the normal missions, and silver on Escape from the Death Star and The Asteroid Field.

Play as TIE Advanced:
Get 15 gold medals.

Tech Upgrades

Advanced Shields: Stronger Shields
Part 2 of Death Star Attack, fly low and about 10 degrees left of when you start and you will find the upgrade.

Advanced Proton Torpedoes: More powerful torpedoes
At very beginning of Ison Corridor Ambush, head down and look for a big piece of junk. Fly through the middle of it to get the upgrade.

Advanced Lasers: More powerful lasers
In Battle of Hoth, fly back to where the shield generator is destroyed to get the upgrade.

Advanced Cluster Missiles: Stronger cluster missiles
In Prisons of the Maw, between the weapons depot and the communication dishes, you should see a small radar dish with a dome beside it. Bomb it and go get the upgrade.

Advanced Proton Bombs: Bombs do more damage
When starting Razor Rendezvous, head straight across the front of the Star Destroyer until you see the shuttle. Kill it and get the upgrade where it was destroyed.

Homing Proton Torpedoes: Targets enemies and will follow them when fired. Clicking B once brings up a yellow crosshair. When a target enters the crosshair, a green circle appears around the target, then will switch to red. When its red, fire. To rapid fire, hit B fast and repeatedly.
Vengeance on Kothlis, fly into the back of the bridge tower of the Star Destroyer and into a little hole to find it.

Advanced Concussion Missiles: Stronger Missiles
In day time in the Imperial Academy Heist, fly though one of the hangars at either side of the base. It's shaped like a big plus sign. Just fly through the small hole in one of the hangars.

Spread Proton Bombs: A small cluster of weaker bombs explode after the first one.
Same thing as above but you must steal the TIE Fighter at night and then fly through the opposite hangar.

Homing Concussion Missiles: Same as homing torpedoes.
When approaching the second set of platforms, you will see a big tanker ship flying off to the left. Shoot it down and go to the closest gas platform to find the upgrade.

Homing Cluster Missiles: Fire, and they automatically seek out nearby targets.
Second part of Battle of Endor, Destroy the left Star Destroyer and when it stops moving, fly around the hangar on the bottom to find it.

Advanced Targeting Computer: Pressing Y once will keep the targeting compter up until you press it again. Also, when enemies have white crosshairs across them, you can press left or right on the D-Pad to command your wingmen to take out those specific targets.
When you enter the last stretch of the trench in the second part (You can tell because of a bunch of pipes off near the left and seeing a big blue ball at the end of the tunnel), fly under the pipes to the bottom left and get the upgrade.


Unlocks Art Gallery.

Black and white mode.

Infinite Lives.

Unlocks Music Hall.

Shows credits.

unlocks documentary.